Environmentally Friendly Flooring

In honor of Earth Day earlier this month,  we at K&N Carpet find it important to let our customer’s know that we are environmentally friendly every day.

We’re proud to be partnered with Mohawk, the industry leader in flooring!  Here’s how K&N and Mohawk stay green:   Watch How Mohawk Stays Green!

Mohawk is committed to environmental stewardship and resource conservation. As a company, we operate in full compliance with all material environmental regulations. As part of our strategic corporate imperative to optimize resources continuously, we have set goals to improve the efficiency of our water and energy use, and the resulting emissions, by 25 percent by 2020. We also have set a similar goal for waste diversion, which in some cases has the added benefit of supplying a renewable source of energy and/or enhancing the level of recycled content in our products.

The GreenWorks™ Creed: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse & Renew
It’s A Simple, Effective Approach To Everything We Do

From discarded plastic bottles and old tires to animal fat and wood, the recycled materials that enter Mohawk facilities are quickly transformed into alternative energy sources, carpet cores, and beautiful flooring.

Mohawk diverts three billion pounds of waste from landfills every year. To reduce new landfill content, we constantly seek new ways to reuse and recycle process waste.

More than 500 Mohawk products—including residential and commercial carpet, carpet tiles, cushion, laminate, and ceramic tile—contain recycled materials. We strive to maximize the amount of recycled or renewable content in all products and are committed to developing processes that will make recycling products easier for customers as well.