Keeping Laminate Clean

Laminate flooring has been a popular choice for homes since its breakthrough in the 1970s. This type of flooring is not only long lasting and affordable, but it also is available in what seems like an infinite amount of colors and styles.

If you’re choosing a laminate style floor, proper maintenance is necessary when increasing the longevity. Here are a few laminate flooring tips:

  • Do not drag heavier objects across the flooring: Dragging objects across your laminate can not only scratch the surface of your flooring, but can destroy the inner layer of flooring made of melamin resin. The scratch can eventually expand and crack.
  • Keep large areas covered: Using area rugs and other flooring covers in high traffic areas can help keep the floor in the best shape. This can also make the flooring more appealing to the eye when using an interesting patterned rug.
  • Keep the home humidified: Surprisingly, your laminate flooring is in need of proper humidification. When the flooring is laid a one to ten millimeter gap between the wall is necessary in order to provide a space for the flooring to expand and contract. Proper humidification helps to ensure that the flooring won’t bend or become disproportional while in use.
  • Regularly clean: This tip may be common sense, but it’s important to keep your flooring clean. Make sweeping a daily habit as well as mopping when necessary. If you have a stubborn floor stain proper floor cleaners can be purchased from any hardware store. Also, if you’re in a bind using nail polish remover can be a great and somewhat quick fix when removing a stain. 

In the picture above you will see that the regular patterned laminate flooring is now longer your only option! Mohawk provides several different laminate choices for everyone's style!