Flooring Trends

floor trends

As a business that specializes in selling top notch flooring, it's interesting to see how much flooring trends change over time.  A popular carpet may be all the talk throughout the year, but almost within a blink of an eye a new trend emerges. When choosing your flooring, do you think you should allow the creative juices to flow or should you stick to a neutral?

Guess what? You can have both! You no longer have to distinguish a neutral color as boring or dull.  K&N Carpet has several customer's that choose a nice neutral carpet, but what's nice is Mohawk offers more colors, textures and patterns. Yes, this means your beige shag carpet might eventually make a comeback!

But before you say 'yes' to a neutral floor, consider the benefits of color as well. Choosing a colored carpet can help make a neutrally colored room more interesting and even help the space appear larger. Furniture and wall hangings no longer have to be the primary focal point in the room. Also, a nice benefit to colored flooring is that It can always help to hide stubborn spots or spills.

Thankfully these days, carpets may do more than just protect your sub floor underneath.  They can create a new level of comfort and warmth to your home, with literally thousands of choices available.  With a number of various trends to select from, the flooring choices of today can help to make your house come alive! If you have older carpet in your home now, it's time to start your own trend. As soon as you take a look at all of the choices you have, you will want to head into K&N and see all that Mohawk has to offer!