New Easy Steps To Decorating A Child's Room

easy steps to kid's room
Decorating a child’s room can prove to be a difficult task when ages, interests and personalities change so frequently. The desire for space and quick cleanup  should also be a big consideration when deciding how to go about decorating a young ones bedroom space.

Here are some great style ideas that will help you decorate the space phenomenally:
  • Provide Storage: In order to maximize the bedroom space try providing several spots and areas for convenient but eye pleasing storage.  If you’d prefer storage not to be out in the open there’s always the option of buying storage containers for underneath the bed and in the closet area. This can help conceal the stuffed animal and Lego mess when necessary.
  • Purchase Kid Friendly Carpet:  You want the bedroom space to be as comfortable as possible.  Providing the space with comfortable carpet will help to encourage your child to utilize the entire bedroom space.  Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet is not only soft, but also stain proof!
  • Add a Coat of Paint: Adding color to the bedroom space can help to create a happy mood for children of all ages. Whether you choose to paint funky colors or stay fairly mellow the options are endless!  Remember, if you’re choosing a daring color for the walls make sure you’re committed for quite awhile.
  • Accessorize: If you decide to maybe go a little more soft on the wall color, there’s no reason not to pick bright and pleasing accessories.  Accessories are an easy way to add pop to the space, but are also inexpensive enough to change out fairly regularly.

**This article was adapted from 5 Style Ideas To Consider When Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom, from Mohawk’s Flooring Blog**